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Prism Comics logoThursday, October 8th, 2015.
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Advertising with Prism Comics is not just a great opportunity to support the goals of the comics industry's only nonprofit LGBT advocacy organization--it's a great way to reach a finely targeted audience of readers. If you're publishing comic books or genre entertainment with an LGBT focus, this is the perfect place to reach people who want to read the stories you're telling. If you're part of an LGBT-friendly company and want to show your support for the community, this is a fantastic place to show your colors. Comics creators, publishers, and stores, LGBT and women's bookstores, LGBT-themed businesses--everybody wins!

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To buy an ad, choose the size and amount of impressions you'd like to purchase, your desired frequency (1 to 9), and what URL you want the banner to point to, then click "Buy Ad" to make a payment.
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Our website has built a strong online presence: we currently get nearly 13,000 unique visitors and nearly a million hits each month. We offer banner, button and skyscraper advertising for a reasonable rate. In a recent test, the average click-through rate for banner ads was about 30 clicks per 1000 impressions (views), or about 3%. We provide Ad Tracking so you can see how many hits your ad has received and how many click-throughs it's gotten.

Frequency: You can specify how often your ad appears on a scale from 1 (least frequent) to 9 (most frequent). If you're advertising a website or ongoing series, you might want to choose a lower frequency, so your impressions will last longer. If you're advertising a time-sensitive event, such as a new publication or convention appearance, choose a "media blitz" so the ad appears frequently while it's most needed.

Content: Ads must be suitable for general audiences. We reserve the right to refuse ads with nudity, strong language or other content that makes them unsuitable for younger visitors. Ads may link to sites containing adult content, but the site must begin with a notice of such content and a link to continue.

Format: Banner ads are 468 wide by 60 tall, Skyscraper ads are 160 wide by 600 tall and Button ads are 180 wide by 60 tall (all dimensions in pixels). Ads must be in either JPEG or GIF (animated or static) format, and be under 50K in size.

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