New PRISM Web Editor Saying Hello!
by P. Kristen Enos, posted March 17th, 2014

After being part of the PRISM board in stealth mode for the past couple of months, I felt it was high-time for me to introduce myself to you folks! So hello!

My name is Kristen (officially P. Kristen Enos) and I have a few decades of experience in lesbian activism, media involvement and comic book fandom.

Now as for PRISM, the board and I have been busy plotting some great stuff, including a major redesign of this website with some new features and sections.

With convention season now kicking off, we will post requests for volunteers, Wonder Con Anaheim info and a really, really exciting SOMETHING guaranteed to cause some conversation and excitement across the Internet!

At Emerald City Comic-Con in Seattle, I will be representing PRISM at the Northwest Press booth. So stop by and say hi!, talk LGBT Geek stuff, and let me know what you'd like to see from PRISM, and if you can help us make some of it come true!

PRISM Web Editor and trouble-maker. For more info on the latter: or

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