Kickstarter Alert: Jon Macy's Fearful Hunter
by P. Kristen Enos, posted April 7th, 2014

Kickstarter Alert for one of our partners, Northwest Press: For its latest project, they're at 80% with 8 days to go for Jon Macy's "Fearful Hunter - The Complete Epic".

Jon Macy, creator of the critically-acclaimed TELENY AND CAMILLE, brings a new epic romance to life in this deluxe collection.


Jon Macy is the creator of the Lambda Literary Award winning Teleny and Camille, for which he adapted a classic anonymous erotic novel to graphic novel form. In 2010, after taking eight years to complete that momentous project, Macy turned his eye to the modern world. He wanted to create something to respond to Proposition 8, which had recently passed in his home state of California, and to use his work to speak about gay love and commitment. The story he created is called FEARFUL HUNTER.

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