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Prism Comics is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization, so all U.S. donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law!

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Prism Comics depends on community support from folks like you to do the work we do. Please consider donating to help defray convention expenses, to help fund the Queer Press Grant, and to help us gear up to do even more work for LGBT creators.

If you have any questions about making a donation, you can contact Ted Abenheim by email at

We've gotten a great deal of support from a wide variety of writers and artists in the industry, and we hope you'll read their words and agree with them that Prism Comics deserves your support. Thanks for reading!

Paige and Kevin Alexis

leftquoteBeginning anywhere can be a hard and often scary road to travel but thanks to the friendly and caring people at Prism Comics we didn't have to go it alone. Our site has only been online for about four months and already we're getting close to a thousand hits a month. That's about a thousand more than we would have generated without the exposure Prism has given us. Prism Comics has helped us more than they'll ever know and we are so grateful to them!rightquote

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leftquoteI think Prism Comics is an important organization for creators and comics readers alike. Prism has helped me connect with fans that might otherwise have missed my work, out there in the huge ocean of comics. Personally, I do comics for everyone, not just the LGBT community, but I certainly hope that the LGBT community finds my work, because it's important to me to include gay characters and story lines. That's what I like so much about Prism. It helps us find stories in other genres that are inclusive of our experiences, when there is so much that's not.rightquote

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Tommy Kovac

Colleen Coover

leftquotePrism has been unfailingly hospitable and generous... At conventions and through the website, it's given me a home base where I would have had none. For a creator struggling to "make it" in this crazy comic book business, it's a great comfort to know that the Prism family has got my back!rightquote

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leftquoteWhen Prism was just getting up and running I felt like it was a good thing, but I didn't really have a vision for exactly what Prism would become. Every year that I've had contact with the Prism booth I see the void they've filled and the potential for them to continue to contribute and enhance the world of comic art for both creators and fans.

What Prism does is highlight gay comics and creators, but they aren't promoting some "gay agenda" by doing this... The way I see it, they are helping everyone understand the texture and diversity that has existed in comics all along. If we're ever going to reach some sort of equity between minority and mainstream comic artists then it will be because of efforts by groups like Prism. As a gay comic creator, I truly appreciate all the work they do in the industry on my behalf.rightquote

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Paige Braddock

Joe Fludd

leftquoteThe world of comics, in the past couple of decades, has seen a great explosion of diversity in publishing and content. Even so, there are some voices that may not necessarily be heard. Prism Comics does vital work to ensure that the presence of a vital group of fans and talent is felt in both fandom and the industry. The work it does is worthy of support in every possible form. The comics medium, industry, and fandom cannot help but be stronger for the contribution of Prism.rightquote

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leftquotePrism Comics is vitally important to both the comic industry and the GLBT community. In addition to being a social bastion, political spearhead, and organizational triumph, Prism has been a fount of proud, celebratory, and inspiring creative energy and innovation since its inception. What qualities could be more important to our industry, especially now as we prepare to begin a new year with mainstream publishers consistently more self-referential and circumscribed and reliably less willing to take artistic, political, or even marketing risks? We can't let any more of our small, independent factions go under, especially not one like Prism, which in mission and accomplishment is large enough to encompass and support each and every one of us.rightquote

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Devin Grayson

Tristan Crane

leftquoteWhile my appearance at the Prism table during San Diego probably wasn't the hugest draw in terms of bringing people to the table, that doesn't matter to them. From the beginning Prism has provided support (and table space!) for lesser-known creators who may have the "mainstream" comics deck stacked against them due to the queer content of their work, or because they themselves are GLBT. I was honored to be asked to contribute to their booth -- which was incredibly busy -- selling donated books to fundraise, and handing out copies of the brilliant guide they've put together to spread awareness in the comic book community.rightquote

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leftquoteThe whole Prism booth experience was wonderful in San Diego this year. It provided me a base at the Con without tying me down to just tabling the entire show. I was able to do signings, meet fans and other creators, sell some books, and even just sit my tired ass down.

The folks at Prism are very professional while at the same time being a whole lot of fun. That's an unusual combo in the comic world, or anywhere. They're also a tireless advocacy group for queer issues in comics, and I'm proud to be associated with them as a creator.rightquote

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Justin Hall

Eric Shanower

leftquoteAmong the many achievements of Prism Comics, the one I find most valuable is that Prism reaffirms the oft-unrecognized truth that being gay is not only okay, but that it's downright good.rightquote

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leftquotePrism Comics caters to a growing audience that is not strictly what we would have defined as being the "comics" audience. They're promoting drawn books to the large, well-read and educated GLBT population. A retailer could do worse than to get a copy of the Prism Comics guide and post it in his window. If I was a retailer, I'd get about ten, and hang 'em all over one of my hottest windows. Heck, I'd get thirty and build a whole display. I'd get my money back - -and then some.rightquote

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Donna Barr

Lynx Delirium

leftquotePrism has been both a great resource and outlet for me. I am proud to be associated with an organization that promotes diversity and positivity to people of all types and ages. Prism has not only helped me progress as a creator, but as a fan of the comic industry, it has also helped me to learn more about great mainstream and non-mainstream creators and titles that I may have never heard about otherwise.rightquote

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leftquotePrism Comics continues to astound me with its far reaching goals and its creative base. Uniquely positioned to showcase the broadest variety of LGBT talent in the comics industry, the organization remains a powerful showcase for the width and breadth of the community and its impact on the comics world, both mainstream and independent.

The Prism guide has been a wonderful talking point among my LGBT friends (and a few straight ones), who had never seen anything like it. They were incredibly impressed with the design and tone, the art showcased and the access to so many talented people. Support for the project should remain high -- it's an incredible amount of work by folks like Zan, Dakota Mahkij, and Drew Moore, and it shows on every page.

I can only hope to see more work by Prism in the future, as an outlet for all sorts of LGBT creators and a place to sponsor and promote work, and I encourage folks to donate whatever they can, whenever they can, to this amazing project!rightquote

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Phil Jimenez

Leanne Franson

leftquotePrism Comics is a light in the dark for LGBT creators and readers of comics. Since I started cartooning in 1992, I have always had to go it alone in the world of cartooning, seeking out other creators and queer-friendly shop owners and industry people in a shot-in-the-dark haphazard manner, keeping an eye open for any welcoming material and like voices.

Then Prism Comics came on the scene and we have not only a voice, an advocate and a representative, we have a face to the world and a place to hang. After five years away from the comics world, Prism has given me a living room in the comics and internet worlds, a home away from home, from which to spring forth with a new book and a new website.

Please support Prism Comics. Make sure that there is a meeting place for all us LGBT creators, a mouthpiece, and a beacon to all readers and future creators scattered here and there around the world.

Thank you, Prism!rightquote

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leftquoteWhen people ask me where they can find other queer comics, I point them to Prism Comics. When I was asked this question just a few years ago, I was a little more hard-pressed to provide an answer.

Prism Comics has provided a tremendous and fun resource that promotes a diverse group of cartoonists whose work is often overlooked by mainstream and alternative comics publications and websites. As a self-publisher, Prism Comics has provided a vital service in promoting and selling my books. I would have fewer readers without them. Prism Comics is like the gay-comicon I have always dreamed of.rightquote

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David Kelly

Brad Rader

leftquoteIt was a gas hanging out at the booth. I wish I could've spent more time there, as I have in previous years. but I had to do double duty at the Aerosol Press/Atomic Basement Press booth hyping my new book, "Tex!" I enjoyed the camaraderie and the warm atmosphere of everyone on both sides of the table.rightquote

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leftquoteI have found Prism Comics to be one of the friendliest and most professional organizations I've had the pleasure of working with. They've done a great job of providing visibility for queer comics and their creators, and are always thinking of new ways to get the word out. Great job, guys!rightquote

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Dylan "NDR" Edwards

Patrick Fillion

leftquotePrism brings comics, readers, and creators together in a way that few other organizations have ever managed! Through its efforts, Prism makes us feel like a community--one that is thriving and reshaping the face of comic books to include a broader and more diverse spectrum of projects.rightquote

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