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Creator Information Form.

Note to Creators: Prism Comics will post a creator profile on its website for anyone eligible who wants to submit one. Profiles from the website may also appear in the annual print publication, Prism Comics: Your LGBT Guide to Comics. Due to space constraints and editorial considerations, not all profiles from the site may appear in the print guide. In particular, profiles not updated within two years of the submission deadline for the annual guide may be excluded.Use this form to submit your information to be listed on the Prism Comics website and the next annual Guide.

Click here if you have questions on how to use this form, or click the link header next to a form field for info about that item.

Please be aware that by your participation in the Prism Comics website and annual Guide that you give permission to have your name used in advertisements, press releases and other promotional material for Prism Comics. Examples of such use can be found here, here, and here. Artwork uploaded to this site may appear in our annual Guide with appropriate copyright notice, but will not be used for any other purpose without your express permission.

Name and Email

Each profile must feature a single individual. If the creator works as part of a team or other entity, that can be stated within the biography and hyperlinked to any related profile(s) on the site. Non-human beings (organizations, publishers, partnerships, etc.) are not allowed profiles.

If a creator is working under a professional pseudonym that is obviously not his/her legal or commonly known name (such as an online screen name or alias), the creator's true name must be included in the biography.

Each creator must provide his/her legal name and contact information for Prism's official records.



If you use an alias or penname for your work, please include it here.



You do not have a password specified. Choose a password and enter it twice, in the boxes to the right.

Creator Type

Each creator must have some professional connection to both sequential art and the LGBT community (e.g., LGBT writer or artist of comic books or strips, straight creator of LGBT-themed comics, LGBT employee at a comic book company, LGBT reviewer of comics, etc.).

"Categories" determines the sub-pages of the Creators area this profile will appear on.

Type of Creator


Web Address(es)

Put each site on its own line. If the site has a name, put it after a "^" sign, as in the example.

If a profile contains hyperlinks to websites containing illustrations, photos or language that deal substantively with erotically stimulating or arousing storylines and imagery, the profile must be marked "Adult content" and the profile assigned to the "Erotica/Adult Content" category.

Twitter Page

Facebook Page

Creator Bio

Basic HTML tags (such as <B> for bold, <I> for italic and <A HREF = "">Link Text</a> for hyperlinks) may be used.

Each creator's biography must be at least 50 words in length, and can include information such as: nationality, education, interests, age, published work, etc. Profiles may be edited for grammar, spelling and readability before being posted.

Each creator's biography must provide support for whichever Category he/she has chosen (e.g., profiles marked for the "Print Creator" category must mention at least one published item of work).

Image Picker

These are all of the image assets on the Prism Comics site that are tagged as related to you. Uncheck any image that you do not want to appear on your profile page. These images may be used elsewhere on the site; you should only modify them if they are incorrect.

Click an image below to edit information about it. To add an image, click here use the Asset Browser.

Adult Content

If a profile contains illustrations, photos or language that deal substantively with erotically stimulating or arousing storylines and imagery, the profile must be marked "Adult content" and the profile assigned to the "Erotica/Adult Content" category.

Do any images or websites associated with this profile contain material not recommended for younger visitors? No images will be censored, but the page must be appropriately marked.

Adult Content?


Contact Information

The following information will not appear on the website or in the annual
Prism Comics Guide, and is a resource for the Prism Comics volunteers.

Street Address




Zip/Postal Code

Phone Number

Alternate Phone

Books on
Book titles will be linked if they are mentioned in the bio text. Use this format: Book Title^ISBN

To prevent automated spam submission of this form, please enter the middle word of the name of this form: Creator [*****] Form (Scroll to the top of the page to see the graphic that shows it.)

Submit Changes
Changes may be reviewed and modified by a Prism Comics volunteer.

If a profile fails to meet any of the conditions above, Prism staff may alter the profile, or inform the creator of the specific changes that need to be made before the profile can be posted. If the creator chooses not to make the change(s) or to allow Prism to make the change(s) on the creator's behalf, the profile may be deleted.

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