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Bio: Hello, fellow gay-erotic art aficionados, I work under the name "TONYBOY69." I'm an African-American illustrator living in New York City.

I attended classes at S.V.A. (School of Visual Arts), Parsons School of Design, graduating from the Gifted Program, and took a few semesters at New York Technical College, majoring in Art. Graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Communications.

I originally moved to New York in 1985 to become a principal dancer on Broadway but ended-up on an MTV show called The Grind for about 6 years.

I've always been in a constant LOVE affair with my artistic ability & the several characters in my head.


Imagine your sibling was a pop culture icon known throughout the world for her role on a wildly popular television show. What would it be like to grow up in the invisible shadow of a celebrity? How would this affect your sanity? Thackery Warner is the fictional younger brother of Blair Warner from “The Facts of Life” television show, which ran on NBC from 1979 through 1988. Thackery has a secret proclivity for writing excessively in his journals while seeking answers from the “DARK WORLD” of his dreams. The DARK WORLD Chronicles is a graphic novel that documents the daily shenanigans of Thackery Warner and his personal odyssey of the mind.

Young Thackery’s fantastic dreams propel him into a wondrous landscape known as the DARK WORLD. Dreams vary from night-to-night and each results in an original illustration created by Thackery's split persona, Tonyboy69, the artist (each book will contain 10 pieces of original artwork). Written in journal entry form, this tale is narrated by Thackery’s subconscious and split persona. Combining history, science-fiction, explicit hardcore sexual content and countless references to pop culture in and beyond the LGBT community (from 1972 through the present day), The DARK WORLD Chronicles is an intriguing, sexy, and visually stimulating piece of fiction.


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