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Gregory Loome


Bio: Greg Loome originally comes from amid the deserts of Arizona. After 24 years and a film & writing degree below his belt, life among the cacti became too dry. Los Angeles seemed likely, but it was magical San Francisco that captivated his heart, consumed his imagination, and improved the likelihood he’d get a cute date.

San Francisco was the kinda City that, given enough exposure and a worthy amount of thought dedicated to the more metaphysical aspects of the Transamerica Pyramid and its relation to the sunken ancestral continent of all the City’s legitimate dwellers, you’d want to call it home.

Greg satisfied both those criteria, set up base in the Castro, with healthcare his occupation. Soon after, making good money as an HIV/AIDS pharmaceutical sales specialist and understanding the business world like he never thought he would, he began to collect (a lot) of comic books again. It was a hesitant habit at first – would he have room for one more? But Grant Morrison’s new JLA was enough to answer that question He came back into the fold.

Eight years later and with hundreds of comics added to his collection, Greg’s career in big pharma had run its wonderful course. After a brief crisis of identity, he realized that comics would surpass their place in his life as an expensive hobby. They – and writing – were his passion, and passion tells the truth. Without looking back, he turned his attention along a new path…the often-harrowing and long, loooooong journey to becoming a comics’ creator.

Present Magic Comics, Greg’s personal brand and the name of the imprint for his planned self-publishing efforts currently in progress, was founded in late 2005. To Greg, comics held infinite possibility in so many areas like storytelling and education, and held within them an infinite potential akin to mythology, as well as a different significance for each reader. That “stuff” was the magic present in comics…and the name has stuck.

As the founder PM Comics, Greg, now 37, wears many hats – all in the name of managing the imprint as a business while moving forward with the creative work on PM Comics’ first comic series. With a small team helping bring this collective dream to life, the time to launch draws ever nearer. Although initial plans to launch by the middle of 2008 have had to be delayed, progress towards print remains assured and exciting, and will be, as promised, a true PRISM COMICS event! (For more information on PM Comics, or if you’re interested in joining our creative team, please send us an email!)

Despite part-time jobs, tomes of research, and predictable unpredictable weather, Greg couldn’t help but forge a link between his growing knowledge of comics and his love of being a teacher. When opportunity arose and his ideas came together, Infinity Incorporated: THE Comics Workshop series was developed for the Dave Egger’s-founded literacy organization, 826 Valencia.

Bringing the world of comics, superheroes, storytelling, and English reading and writing skills together in a unique way for secondary and high school students met with great success, and the ten workshops of Infinity, Incorporated were later modified (with special emphasis on the needs of SSL students) for the classroom setting. Re-named Comics University, Greg taught his new curriculum at Mount Diablo High School in Concord, CA.

Most recently, the possibility for Greg to expand Comics University in new directions so to teach Community College GED programs looms on the horizon. Meanwhile, his writing, a new eBay comics’ store, and trying to put all his darn comics somewhere so that his cute date’s got a place to sit, occupies more than enough of this time.

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