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Bio: Jaime Garcia, who uses the professional name of XerXeX for his adult illustrations, was born in the Caribe. There he studied Fine Arts, exhibited at several individual and collective art shows and took part in two videoart shows as an animation draftsman.

In the beginning XerXeX felt a great attraction to the human figure. An admirer of Michelangelo and Klimt, he moved to Europe to see the work of these artists in person. While in Spain, he obtained a Master's Degree in Contemporary Art.

His work slowly turned towards illustration, discovering in the illustrative world new ways to express himself more immediately to the public. In turn, he became more prolific in his work.

He has been published in a several magazines, illustrating texts and covers. He actually works full-time in the magazine/book field as an artistic director, drawing and supervising all of a book's artistic aspects.

In 2007 he worked on the cover for Jonas Vega's book Estación en Curva, edited in Madrid, Spain.

Recently XerXeX took part in and art show in Berlin, in the Werkstattgalerie, in occasion of the anthologie book launched Mein Schwules Auge IV and V , in which his drawings were included.

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