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Chad Rebmann


Bio: Chad has two loves in his life: comic books and the movies. He also loves to write, so he got the brilliant idea to write for the mediums he loves so much. So far, the comic book writing game is winning. Chad's first published work was The Odyssey: Absolute Power one shot for Blue Water Productions and Alias Comics. He is currently writing The Power of the Valkryie mini-series for Blue Water productions and Arcana Press. Later this year he will unveil the new Isis mini-series for Blue Water Productions as well as the Venus one-shot.

And yes, he just finished his first screenplay, Dream Factory, which is now under consideration by some producers in Hollywood. So there could be a notch on the movie writing column soon!

Currently, Chad resides in the San Diego area with a great bunch of friends and a frustrating dating life, along with an annoying day job to pay the bills.


[News, Posted 6/26/06]
BELLINGHAM, WA -- This September, The Power of The Valkyrie will begin a four-issue miniseries, from the creators of 10th Muse and The Legend of Isis, writers Darren Davis and Chad Rebmann, and art by Marvel’s Runaways inker, Craig Yeung. “This book has a deeper edge than the other books we create. It was the perfect vehicle for Arcana to publish,” said writer, Davis. “I have created a bunch of characters from world legends and mythology, and I really wanted to do something with the…

[News, Posted 10/24/05]
San Diego, CA -- Exciting things are happening in the world of the Blue Water Productions/Alias Enterprises series, THE 10th MUSE, as she kicks off an all new Blue Water crossover event, titled "GOD WAR" in January 2006! The fun begins with January's release of THE 10th MUSE #10, in the first installment of a crossover storyline featuring Isis, Orion, and the rest of the Blue Water heroes. War has been declared. The Olympians are choosing sides and the pantheon is torn apart. In a bold…

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