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Prism Comics logoSunday, October 4th, 2015.
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Peter Sofronas


Bio: Peter is a new colorist in the process of breaking into the comics scene.

He has spent the last year assisting as a flatter for various comics published by DC, Marvel, Archie, Dark Horse, and IDW, among others, until recently he had yet to be credited for his work.

This has recently changed. Peter has just completed colors for the upcoming Hack and Slash: Slice Hard at Devil's Due.

He is now working on his second assignment for Devil's Due, Dreaknoks Declassified.

Peter spent the better part of a decade doing graphic design for both web and for print before choosing to focus on comic art.

Peter has a passion for classic animation, particularly the World War II/Baby Boom era.

He also is an avid Muppets fan and has been known to impersonate many of the voices on a whim, much to the delight and/or chagrin of onlookers.

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