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Prism Comics logoFriday, October 9th, 2015.
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David Hooper

Website: Acappella Comics

Bio: Well, not even procrastination can last forever….

Over the next few months (starting now), there will be incremental movements to the opening of my site. No big giant opening, but a slow gradual move from 0 to 6000 mph.

This is essentially your average superhero/sci-fi/slice-of-life/full of soap opera crap comic. It's nothing new in terms of concepts, just done my way (the way all things should be).

Once the website fully opens, I'll move this entry to the web area, and when the planned book (HA-HA) is in production, to the print area. I may also be in the erotica area. This is an adult comic. I don't know how adult yet...we'll see.

A happy wave to Jen Camper. Apparently Juicy Mother 2 will see print in 2007 (YEAAA!!). I have a story in it! Also a wave to the Prism Comics folks I met at the San Diego Comic Con. I introduced myself to none of them, but I buzzed around the booth every chance I got, bought some books, talked to Charles "Zan" Christensen, and a guy who was later dressed as a rat. It was all peachy. I wish I could be at the 2007 convention, maybe 2008...2009? *sigh*

As for personal tidbits, I hope to become a better artist and storyteller, because stories tell better when they're pretty. And I have a lot of stories to tell.

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