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James Asal

Websites:, Adam and Andy Yahoo Group

Bio: James Asal lives in Connecticut with his spouse Timothy and their beagle, Baxter. His comic strip Adam & Andy debuted on the web on May 15, 1999.

Adam & Andy appears in several publications in the US and Europe. The feature is translated into German, Turkish, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, and Polish.

Readers can sign up for free email subscription to the strip.

The first Adam & Andy trade paperback collection was published by Studio 64 in October 2003 and is available direct from or at bookstores worldwide.


Adam & Andy trade paperback


[News, Posted 3/1/04]
Every year I look forward to Alternative Press Expo. It's like someone took an Artists' Alley section of a regular comic convention and gave it full run of the show, shooing all the trading cards, action figures and quarter bins out the door. The fact that it takes place in San Francisco is a definite plus, as well, especially if you run a nonprofit organization devoted to queers in comics! Prism Comics made its debut as an official not-for-profit organization last year at APE, with a modest…

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