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Agata Laguniak


Bio: Agata Laguniak is female comic artist from Poland. Her comics were published in Girls' Guide to Guys' Stuff, Slam Bang #1 Volume III, Yuri Monogatari #4 anthology, Slam Bang #2 Volume III, Queerbait #1, Comic Monthly fanzine and also in Polish fanzines including Khalsag and others. More of her strip comics "Iga & Lena", will be published in upcoming Queerbait #2.

She mainly creates drawings and scenario for her own stories but sometimes also cooperates with other writers. Except drawing comic books she also works as a concept artist and illustrator. She is in particular interested in lesbian, feminism and also in general effigy of women in comics. In her stories she is trying to join features of manga and westerly comic. She thinks that creating comics is a great way to express own ideas, create own characters, show them to other people and make them memorable.


[Color Commentary, Posted 2/16/07]
Any comic that is quirky enough to put a suspiciously phallic-looking monster on the cover (and a square-jawed hero commanding his troops to “Strip for action, men!”) is a winner in my book. While the cover might be a lot for your mom (or not), nothing else in Tony Smith’s QUEERBAIT #1 is quite as risqué, resulting in a rewarding and fun read. Anyone, straight or gay, could enjoy all of the 12 great stories inside. Smith himself deserves a lot of recognition for not only…

[News, Posted 12/14/06]
They're here! They're Queer! And, their stories are not what you'd expect! Queerbait, a 52-page full color collection of stories by comics' next generation of LGBT and LGBT-friendly creators will be available for sale later this month at In the meantime though, you can order the downloadable PDF version (at less than 1/2 cover price!) at to hold you over until the print version comes out. In Queerbait, Heroscribe Comics! is proud to present a…

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