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Prism Comics logoSaturday, September 5th, 2015.
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Andy Bauer


Bio: I'm a freelance illustrator and Flash animator, and the creator of a webcomic called The Gay Monsters.

The Gay Monsters webcomic came about in August of 2006. I was sketching a monster and put the word "princess" on his shirt. I started laughing at the idea of a monster being gay. And then I thought, why wouldn't there be any gay monsters? I realized that gay monsters were underexposed. So The Gay Monsters, a webcomic where DRAB is FAB, was born. I love all things gay and all things Halloween so it seemed to be a perfect match. I love drawing these characters and creating the one-liner jokes. It's a lot of fun for me and I'm passionate about The Gay Monsters!

My art education is expansive. Starting in 6th grade I aspired to be an animator. I was an art student for six years. I studied college-prep art courses for 4 years, graphic design at Ohio University for 2 years, and developed into a performance artist professionally for 8 years. I received my BA at the University of Central Florida.

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