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Ernesto Lopez de Victoria

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Bio: I have been writing and drawing since I was old enough to hold a pencil, and comic book fan from the age of 10. I cut my teeth on X-Men, New Mutants, Legion of Superheroes, and other classic titles. Little did I realize then, that those stories of the oppressed rising above adveristy and taking pride in their identity would take on a whole new meaning 17 years later! Bound and determine to see my work and voice in print, I formed Bearmoon Comics with my best friend and co-creator Chris Nelson. We are proud to announce that our flagship project "The Hammer of Argus" made its debut at the Emerald City Comicon 2013. An epic story based on Greek Mythology, starring an unlikely hero facing dark and menacing forces bent on the overthrow and destruction of the gods of Olympus!

It is available as a print copy, or as digital download, and has been submitted to Comixology and is awaiting review.

In addition to comics and related art, my interests include 3D graphics and modeling, travel, oh and bears.

I current live in the sprawling metropolis of Bremerton, Washington just West of Seattle, with my husband of ten years Stephen, and our crazy german shepherd/golden retriever pound puppy Clyde.


[Spectrum, Posted 5/12/08]
Zan wraps up all the best from Prism's appearance at this year's Emerald City ComiCon in Seattle, including visits from top talent, stellar volunteers, fabulous costumes, stiff comic-themed drinks, and… balloon Spider-Man!

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