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Dan Seitler


Bio: Born in Battle Creek Michigan, Dam Seitler worked as an assitant to Mike Vosburg while a teenager for Marvel. The beautiful yet volatile Seitler soon had had enough of drawing G.I. Joe tanks and provincial Michigan attitudes.

He moved to the East Coast in 1982 where he attended the Joe Kubert School. A 20 year career in retail soon followed.

A self-declared "underground cartoonist", Seitler's work found it's way into a variety of offbeat and often queer publications including Street Trash, My Comrade, LGNY, Boy Trouble and Street Music for Fantagraphics.

He self published the queer mini-comic Fagz in the early 1990's and its spin-off The Erotic Misadventures of Black Latex Pansy. Both were cutting-edge and included many mispellings.

He illustrated a book Betty and Pansy's Severe Queer Review of New York City and curated with Jennifer Camper an LGBT comics show at A Different Light New York (where he worked as a buyer for a decade) called "Queer Cartoons".

Notoriously opinionated and down-right lazy, the obscure yet frightningly talented Seitler promises new work- but with his track record who can say when?

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