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Shane O'Shaughnessy


Bio: Born on the East Coast, Reared in the Midwest, and now currently residing in Porland, Oregon, Shane O'Shaughnessy, or to use his preferred artist handle Rv. Xen, plans on conquering the world and eventually the galaxy with his oddball, zany, and definately weird comics and cartoons! He spends most of his time wondering about men in tights who put on capes and masks and engage in sadomasochistic rituals called 'slugfests'. He uses his extensive knowledge of comic book lore and slick doodles to fight ignorance and seriousness wherever it be found!

He's young, he's spry, and he's looking for other cartoonists so that they may join forces in this almighty artistic quest! By the power of Greyskull and Yerba Mate, he is all that is nerd!

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