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Prism Comics logoWednesday, October 7th, 2015.
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Laura Seabrook / LAS / Laura Ess

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Website: Laura's Art & Comics

Bio: Born 1957. An Australian transgendered Artist/Writer. Laura began her gender transition in 1994, and after a drastic move from Perth, Western Australia to Lake Macquarie, New South Wales in 1996, studied at Newcastle University. She has a Bachelor (Hons) in Visual Arts, and Laura's "Queer Stuff" and "Apocryphal Tales" strips has appeared both in Out Now and Polare.

Laura is also a neo-pagan, a modern Gallae of Cybele, and her web comic series Tales of the Galli (n historical drama) reflect this. Her interests include philosophy, film and music, Forteana and virtual reality. Laura is the current custodianship of the Transgender Day of Remembrance Webcomic Project. She is currently working on two graphics novels as part of her Masters in Fine Arts: Real Life Trips and Gender Transition for Innocents.

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