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Raul Faria


Bio: Hi my name is Raul Faria and Ive been a lifelong comic book reader and have been an artist all my life. Some of my projects include Lynx Delerium's Queerbait ("Impossible Relationships" and cover), Tommy Roddy's Pride High ("Elective Credit") and I am also currently writing and providing the art for my own series The Mark of Gabriel.

The Mark of Gabriel will be an ongoing series and new issues will be available bi-monthly. For more information on upcoming projects and to check out the latest Mark of Gabriel info, go to and


[Queer Eye on Comics, Posted 11/8/09]
Stan’s Soapbox Hey True Believers! It’s David “Stan”-ley here, you ever lovin’ Editor-In-Chief of “Queer Eye on Comics” with the first Spectacular LGBT Comics Holiday Gift-Giving Guide ever to come out of Prism's House of Ideas with only the latest and greatest recommendations from Yours Truly! What, you say? You have it all and besides, only Irving Forbush shops this early? Bah-Humbug! In the past year, we’ve been clobbered with lotsa new product you haveta get! Roberto…

[Color Commentary, Posted 8/7/08]
When I first heard about Raul Faria’s The Mark of Gabriel, I was terrified it was going to be another cookie-cutter supernatural thriller/detective story. I’m delighted to say that Raul Faria proved me wrong! Tony Smith BIG HEART The Mark of Gabriel

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