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Wally Rainbow

Websites: Wally Rainbow's World (blog), Robin Hoog, Rainbows, Go Go Stars, Troy

Bio: I’m a cartoonist (actually I also do other stuff such as writing articles, but I am mostly a cartoonist), and I have three aliases (by now): Valeriano Elfodiluce (for soft stuff, the articles and the various editorial collaborations), Wally Rainbow (for the hardcore stuff) and Wally Lightelf (for everything not specifically concerning the LGBT world).

My real name is Valeriano Scassa and I was born in 1976 in a little town in North Italy named Piacenza. It isn't easy to make gay comics in Italy, because we don't have a real LGBT community and we don't have a gay pop-culture like other countries in Europe or U.S.

I'm the first author to create a gay online serial in Italy, like the gay sit-com Rainbows (initially for Gay.It) and the hard parody of Robin Hood Tales, Robin Hoog. I also created the first italian gay superhero for gay magazines G&L and Babilonia: Captain Gel.

With my other comics, the sci-fi Go Go Stars and the fantasy Troy, I'm the illustrator and also create the books' covers.

I have a column about gay comics and Gay culture on Gay.It and write for magazines like Blue, Scuola di Fumetto (Comics School) and others.

I'm also a gay activist and am the president of the only gay association in my province. With my limits I promote LGBT comics in Italy and I offer my editorial consulence with LGBT comics projects (like the gay and lesbian comics anthology Happy Boys and Girls).

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