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Morgan "Mekari" Potts

Websites: Between the Lines, Gallery

Bio: Mekari has been a secretary, video pumper, sandwich maker, visual fixer, and involved in many other dastardly deeds, but she has and always will be an artist. As an artist she believes that one can never stop improving and she never believes in saying that her art is perfect; she always strives to become better than she was.

Mekari's current project is Between the Lines, a comic about two transsexual teens trying to navigate a difficult life. The need to create this comic came from the utter lack of transgendered comics not portraying much of anything in a realistic light. Mekari wants people to realize that being a transsexual is not peaches n' cream and to try and keep people from treating transsexuals as "less than human."

Mekari's education is from GTCC in Jamestown, NC, where she received two years of Graphic Design but sadly she was not able to receive a degree due to financial troubles. Since then she has been published in a few underground zines and has been traveling up and down the east coast.

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