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Benjamin Ruth


Bio: I am a 27 year old aspiring cartoonist and comic book creator living in Allentown, PA. I developed a love for fantasy and adventure at a very young age (thank you, Return of the Jedi), and have been drawing since the age of 5.

It was at the age of 13, however, with the premiere of the Saturday morning X-Men cartoon, that I became interested in comics. Since then I've created dozens of my own characters and storylines in hopes of someday starting my own comic book company which I called REBEL Comx. As such, it became the name for nearly all of my email addresses (minus the space).

Over time, and after coming out of the closet at 17, many of my existing stories and characters were revamped through personal notations to include LGBT characters and stories. I also created several new series based completely around gay characters, including one camp team of gay pride superheroes.

In my senior year of high school, I was accepted into the Joe Kubert School—at the time, the only school in the country completely focused on comic book art—but could not attend because of financial issues. Instead, I spent a semester at my local community college, but quit after realizing that they wouldn't be able to help me get into the comic book biz. It also certainly didn't stop my learning process as I became even more interested in history, religion, and philosophy and could probably confound a few priests with their own religious history (something I take pride in as I grin evilly, hehehe).

I have very ecclectic interests in music, art, theater, science, history, comedy, blah blah blah... I also have a huge interest in acting and more 3D arts. In 2007, the haunted house I acted at for 4 years shut down and I decided to actually build stuff to spook up my own front yard for Halloween.

Currently I work a full time job to pay the bills but do artistic work on the side, which has been made much easier with my brother teaching me to use Photoshop. Any supervisor or manager I've ever had says the same thing to me when the walk past my desk and see me doodling (which is ALWAYS)..."What are you still doing HERE?"

My style has been influenced by classic, anime, and erotic comic book artists (though I'm always worried someone will think I'm just a Joe Phillips rip off), and I often lean more towards one style depending on the project. To date, though, I've published very little: I did political cartoons and illustrations for my highschool newspaper, I've done comissioned work for various community theater productions, illustrated a very low budget children's book, Bandit to the Rescue, and most recently was featured by local LGBT publication, GAYDAR Magazine as a local artist in their final issue.

The GAYDAR article was spotted by submissions directors for a prominant distributor of LGBT greeting cards and calendars and I am working on greeting card designs for them. I also created some logo designs for Pride of the Greater Lehigh Valley's annual Pride festival and am current working on illustrations for an upcoming book of LGBT youth short stories.


Bandit to the Rescue


[Spectrum, Posted 3/16/10]
(This is a most-excellent interview of Sean McGrath by Joe Palmer of the Gay League, a most-excellent website and blog. Both Joe and Sean are longtime valued friends and associates of Prism so we were thrilled to be able to reprint this interview, courtesy of Joe. Access the original article from the Gay League website here!) Recently I had the pleasure to read Frater Mine, an indy series written by Sean McGrath. McGrath’s writing and characters intrigued me, and while I knew…

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