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Kris Kovick

Website: Inside Stories

Bio: Kris Kovick, cartoonist, writer and storyteller, died of cancer on October 26, 2001. She was "the Mayor of Norwich Street" in San Francisco, and known as "Uncle Kris" to her many dear friends.

Kris was born in Fresno, and raised in Wilsonia, CA and was gender-bending and performing in public when she got in trouble in kindergarten for impersonating Elvis. Kris distinguished herself as a gay and women's rights organizer at Fresno State in the 1970s. After five years in Seattle, she settled in SF in 1980, and became heavily involved in the Bernal Heights community.

The first woman to enter the printing trade in the Pacific Northwest, Kris worked as an etcher and scanner operator for twenty-five years. She made an indelible mark across the country as a cartoonist, humor writer, journalist in local gay newspapers, performance art and spoken word producer, and mentor. She is widely credited with founding the women's spoken word scene in San Francisco, hosting a monthly show at Red Dora's Bearded Lady Cafe from 1991 to 1993.

Her cartoons and writing have been published in dozens of periodicals, zines, anthologies, and humor books, including her collection of essays and cartoons, What I Love About Lesbian Politics is Arguing With People I Agree With. She also illustrated the children's book How Would You Feel If Your Dad Was Gay?, written by Ann Heron and Meredith Moran.

She toured with Sister Spit, the performing all-girl word circus, and founded the (now-closed) website San Francisco in Exile, an on-line audio archive of queer spoken word.

Audio recordings of Kris reading some of her stories may now be found at Inside Stories.


How Would You Feel If Your Dad Was Gay?
What I Love About Lesbian Politics is Arguing With People I Agree With


[Source:, Added: 4/28/11]
In which the cartoonist makes more comic zines and further aligns with the lesbians.

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