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Prism Comics logoThursday, October 8th, 2015.
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Mercy Van Vlack

Website: Home Page

Bio: I wrote Richie Rich for the mainstream back in 1980, written, pencilled and inked the bisexual private eye/industrial spy Miranda the Tease for x-rated magazines, published Evolution Comics, where I was also the creative director and penciller & inker on Green Ghost and Lotus.

I've done illustrations for Stand Corrected, Outrageous Women, 101 Other Uses for A Condom, Shadow Lane, Skin on Skin, Prometheus, Leg Show, Juggs, Manzine, On Our Backs and Lesbian Sex Mafia. I was one of the writers in Laura Antoniou's book, Some Women.

I inked the first episode of Queer Nation over John Dennis<' pencils and the "Indecent Exposure" episode of Chris Companik's 881 Midtown Court.

I've been exhibited in various avant garde art galleries, including the Leather Archives in Chicago: "Kink, a woman's perspective" and "A Different Light" in New York City.

Drew and published various sexy small press efforts including Bad Boys: Heroes Re-Bound and Come to Momma.

Art for the newspaper comic strips Wit of the World and Wit

of Women.

Have done strips for Sugar and Spice, a British wimmen's underground comic and Female Trouble in Philadelphia.

Artist on numerous Celtic Calendars.

Illustrator for numerous fanzines (including Batmania, The Heroine Addict and The Legion Outpost), APAS (including Interlac, ATDNSIN, CAPA-alpha, Teams & Titans and Apa-5), anthropomorphic publications (such as Balloon Animals, Ten FurCent and Furlined) and SF cons (PhilCon, Arisia, etc.).

Recent Offsite Features:

Various Art Nouveau super-heroines including Wonder Woman.

Atlanta Comic Con

And several You Tube vidoes

Current project: In development with Howard Stangroom. I can say no more.

And I got to go to Donna Troy's wedding (New Teen Titans #50) and had two planets named after me in the Legion universe, Cyrem and Vanvlack IV.


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A gallery of art nouveau super-heroines, including Wonder Woman

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