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Prism Comics logoTuesday, October 13th, 2015.
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Jeremy Rizza

Website: Viking Zombie Boyfriend

Bio: I love comedy, mythology, and bears (not necessarily in that order) so I figure it's only natural to do a weekly webcomic that combines all three.

Viking Zombie Boyfriend follows Rorik and Dill, a rambunctious bear couple. Rorik, the larger of the pair, is a "draugr", or resurrected Viking warrior. He works on a trash truck (with another big bear); bowhunts; busks on weekends in a scanty outfit; collects "illuminated manuscripts", i.e. comic books; pillages supermarkets; and in general causes a ruckus anyplace he goes. Dill is a stylish, mischievous little fireplug-type who designs costumes for drag artists and who is still getting used to being the responsible half in a relationship. Their pals include a mooching twink vampire and an irritatingly cheerful lesbian ogre, as well as various mortal bears.

Rorik's young bear coworker, Paco, is proving to be a somewhat autobiographical character for me.

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