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Prism Comics logoMonday, August 31st, 2015.
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Hugh Tims


Bio: Hey there, my first and true love in life is comics and I have grown up here on the North East coast of Maine with that being a focal point of my work. I've been creating characters and stories since I was 12, but none of that matters until I actually get the story out to you as a comic. It is my hope to get my small press publishing house Better Comics off the ground and running to your hands. I publish everything but my hope is to get gay oriented characters in stories that matter and entertain the gay community and our friends at large without being heavy handed or blatant. I'm 29 and have been published locally in Casco Bay Weekly with spot illustration and some strips.

That was back in college though-- now I focus on designing album covers for local bands and posting new things on my blog while putting out new books like Two Spirit Deal and my kids book Lightning Duck!

Two Spirit Deal is a comic book that delivers two stories at the same low indy cost. "Kwarmyn" is the first story that tells of a great legend in Native Culture that explains why gays are considered to be revered and mystical assets to the community. Interdimensional demons abound and must be kept at bay to preserve the humble tranquility of nature!

"Ejinal," the second story deals with an ancient lost ancestor of human beings with alien beginnings. Lost in the jungles of the Amazon he is the last of his kind!

Lightning Duck is the story of a duck who was an ugly duckling and one day decides it is time to stand tall. The crazy thing is that other animals get the same idea and evolve at an exponential rate to the point that they surpass us "normal" bi-peds and become rock stars! Join Lightning Duck and his Animeople friends!

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