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Prism Comics logoTuesday, October 13th, 2015.
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Ave Messer

Websites: Karabear Comics, Comfortably Numb, DeviantART page, Karabear Comics Unlimited

Bio: I am a 28 year old MTF transsexual at the beginning of my transition and have a BA in English from Humboldt State University. Though I am looking to be a teacher, my passion is in writing. Why didn't I just get a degree in Creative Writing? I thought the teacher track would be more realistic. The fact that I am without a credential and working part-tme at a family-owned business makes me wonder about the logic of that thought.

Why am I posting my bio on here, amongst distinguished comics creators? Well, a while ago I created a webcomic called Comfortably Numb, inspired by Venus Envy. Sure, it's a debacle and I know conclusively from it that I should not draw, but I still have a desire to return. Since that comic, I have focused on writing superhero comics.

My superheroes are something I've labored over for years, developing the characters since at least fifth grade. They've definitely evolved since, many changing their names and attributes, and I have a vested interest in them. Currently I have a website up for these comics, Karabear Comics. It's sadly neglected as I work on my projects, though. I have quite a few comics up for sale on IndyPlanet, most in the Karabear Comics Unlimited series.

Currently I'm looking for artists for my comics, and I'm not above begging for them... Please?

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