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Robert Paul

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Websites: Little Rainbow Comics, Reel Toons, Reel Cards, Reel Toons Merch

Bio: Gay American artist of Asian decent looking to make a mark in the world. Have a big interest in comic books, comic strips, animation and writing. Been drawing since I was a wee tyke but I have also written (but not published) a novel—campy, romantic, gay fiction - it is finished in the sense that the story is no longer moving forward but I know I need to do more revisions - I imagine they'll tell me: 'It needs more sex!'

My current project is Little Rainbow Comics — a comic strip about three kids growing up gay in elementary school. Check it out!

I put together my first collection of comic strips available through Indy Planet:


[News, Posted 3/17/13]
Prism Comics, a nonprofit supporting LGBT comics, creators, and readers, has released its schedule for WonderCon 2013, held in Anaheim, California. Prism will appear at the convention from March 29th to 31st hosting two panels, superhero costume party, and booth featuring a full slate of LGBT creator signings including Tara Madison Avery, Brad Bell, Jane Espenson, Jeff Krell, and more. "Prism Comics will once again be 'LGBT-Central' at WonderCon 2013 in Anaheim. We’re looking forward to an…

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