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Gene Guilmette


Bio: I’m a multi-faceted freelance artist in the San Francisco bay area. I’ve been drawing since I was knee high to grasshopper and to this day I look for fun and challenging projects to fill my studio with. I believe in quality and I have a high standard that I set for my projects, both personal and professional. Above all I want to make sure my clients are happy with their final piece as much as I am.

My work covers a wide range of mediums, styles and subject matter. I can go from cartooning to photorealism, from pencil to acrylic to digital. I do gravitate more to sci-fi, fantasy and comic art but again I’ve a broad range and I’m just as happy with portraits and landscapes.

My project experience covers such things as: logos, concept art, painting (traditional and digital), illustration & drawing, game design, graphic design, club advertisement, posters, fliers and website design, implementation and updating. Additionally I’ve worked as a faux finisher with a strong emphasis on faux marble, decorative finishes, trompe l’oeil as well as miniature finishing.

Currently I'm working on my first independent comic book project, The Protector Corps as well as co-producing InterSections: The Sinners and The Sinless with Geek'N Out Comics.

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