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yves sauriol

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Bio: I'm a published artist! Yeah!

(For a preview, link down there.)

French Canadian from nowhere Canada with no formal education. Past employee of McDonald's restaurant. Gay erotica and experimental comics creator.

Morbidly obese (450 pounds or more).

Sexually impotent.

Small dick (14.5 cm).

40 years old. The big evil four-O

Still live with is father.

Didn't have sex since 1999.

Medication Paxil ( anti-depression) Xeldox ( anti-psychotic).

Internet and Facebook addict.

Evil genius.

Ragging jealous queen with drag queen tendency.

Personal enemy of Canada, of all Canadian and of all things Canadian.

Machiavellian destroyer of the English Language.

Censored from Facebook for the drawing of a penis.

Sex, sex, sex, sex and Astro boy

Cute eatable shinny thing

if you want to buy the book

No Porno Porno

With some straight stuff, sorry!

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