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Zachary Enea

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Bio: Raised on a steady diet of comic books, Disney animation and Mad Magazine, Zachary (or Zach as he is known among friends) gained an early appreciation and love of the comic book art form. Zach showed an early aptitude for story telling through illustration which has led him to utilize his talents towards designing iconic images for businesses, story boards, pin-ups and sequential art.

Born and raised in Monterey California, Zach has recently relocated to to San Francisco.

Zach is currently working three major Comic projects.

BOY is a scifi epic involving a Gay teen and his "first love", who may or may not be imaginary, and who may or may not the first wave of an alien invasion.

JUNKYARD ANGELS - Is a Sci-Fi epic that follows a Gay Teen as he travels a post-apocalyptic world battling Robot-Zombies.

Zach has also been hired by Actor/Singer/Artist Booboo Stewart to Ink and Color his new super hero project, MILLENNIUM MAN


[Source: The Gay Comics List, Added: 11/11/11]
This second issue of Junkyard Angels keeps up the tension and weirdness quotient that pervaded the first one. Besides Jason, the boy with the mechanical arm, and Janey, the sister of Jason’s...

[Source: Screen Junkies, Added: 10/26/11]
These days, most gay comics fall into one of three general categories: real-life stories (biographies and autobiographies), superheroes, and erotic stories (pornography). Sometimes they fit into more...

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