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Robyn Seale

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Websites: NoodlyAppendage (links), The Watcher of Yaathagggu

Bio: Robyn Seale is the best tornado of awesome she can be. She lives somewhere in the midwest within walking distance of an alcoholic slushie store in a college^3 town. With her degree in journalism, she proudly uses it to draw comics and work in IT.

Somewhere in her college years, she got frustrated with the lack of webcomics with LGBTQ main characters where the focus was not a coming of age or coming to grips story. She wanted something that fit her own experience with sexuality, a bit different, but not an issue to the larger whole of her life.

The Watcher of Yaathagggu is a product of that idea. You can find it at

In the meantime, she's had a roller derby comic published in Vox Magazine and is working on getting one-shot comics published in an anthology.

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