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Websites:,, chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, the all new KAT

Bio: Hey, nice to meet you,I'm Thomas Wolfing from Jordan: a freelance comic writer/artist.

I might be the only one in Jordan—it's kinda sad really—but anyway I used to post some of my work on My Kali magazine, it's an LGBT online magazine for the middle-east.

Being from the pride gave me a chance to look into the heart of life , so I had to write something about me and the others.

the owner of my kali magazine wanted a uniqe way to show personality of characters, and yet fun to enjoy

Thats how K.A.T started a group of fuzzy and cuddly cast.

there are other projects like "scratch" and "KIRA inc" but we have to wait until they are released :)

I hope that I go pro one day, so here I am. XD

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