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Paul Berge

Websites: Paul Berge's Cartoon Blog, Q Syndicate

Bio: Paul Berge has drawn topical and editorial cartoons for the LGBT press since 1993. His weekly cartoons are now distributed by Q Syndicate and appear accross the United States, Canada and South Africa in some 20 papers. His syndicated cartoons have been reprinted in Out Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, the Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year Series (Pelican Publishing Co.) among other books and periodicals you've never heard of.

Every week, Paul draws cartoons on topics such as same-sex marriage, gays in the military, or homophobia in Congress.

Paul lives near Racine, Wisconsin with his partner, Chris, and their three parakeets. When Paul is not cartooning, they enjoy making wine, and, when a beach is not available, long walks on the cornfield.


Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year

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