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Prism Comics logoSunday, August 30th, 2015.
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Victor E. Hodge

Websites: Black Gay Boy Fantasy, My Blog

Bio: I'm an artist, mystery & horror writer and comic strip artist living in Washington, D.C. It doesn't feel like it, but really. Black Gay Boy Fantasy is my mini comic about black gay & lesbian life in D.C. It began as a one shot strip for the 1996 Black Lesbian and Gay Pride Guide. The first issue was sold at Boston's Outwrite '98. Those characters also starred in the "Little Dramas" comic strip which was featured on the Women In the Life website. My amateur detective, Rene C. Clayton is in a short story called "Justifiable Disappearance" under the Spring 1999 edition of Blithe House Quarterly. My "too short-lived" strip, "Federal Barbee" appeared in the Department of Interior's GLOBE newsletter. "Bad Day," starring long term couple, Derrick and Rodney from BGBF will be published in Jennifer Camper's Juicy Mother#2: How They Met . A new character to the world of BGBF, Jesus makes his appearance in Zan Christensen's Unsafe For All Ages 2. Plus, two issues of BGBF have appeared in Jaime Cortez's Turnover. And, after loving his work for so long, I'm about to appear autobiographically in Robert Kirby's next book of "Boy Trouble."

BGBF currently has twenty-three issues. Nineteen issues have been posted to my website. Each B&W issue is written, drawn and inked by me. Now there's this new little gray thing I'm doing. It's the closest to interior color art I'm coming to. But, definitely check out the blog. It's easier to update and has a lot of behind the scenes stuff and unpublished promotional art.


[Color Commentary, Posted 1/15/09]
No, wait. "I'm in trouble." That's the expression! "I'm. In. Trouble." A boy in trouble. It might be a terrible joke, but don't let that stop you from clicking on the link above and reading about a gay comics anthology you'll want to own!

[News, Posted 8/7/03]
Bidding is almost closed on the two original art pieces donated to Prism Comics by Victor E. Hodge (Black Gay Boy Fantasy) and Brad Rader (Catwoman, True Adult Fantasy)! Proceeds from the sale of these items and other items from the Prism Comics Shop will help Prism Comics appear at more conventions, make more resource guides available and promote more LGBT creators who need exposure. Check out the Prism Comics Shop for more information on these one-of-a-kind items and…


[Source: Victor E. Hodge, Added: 1/13/11]
Glamazonia the Uncanny Super-Tranny by Justin Hall is a 136 page book that has been released from Northwest Press. I had the pleasure and honor of meeting Justin at the Small Press Expo a couple years...

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