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Prism Comics logoTuesday, October 13th, 2015.
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Michael Phillips

Website: Northstar-ATDNSIN

Bio: Mike Phillips has been an avid comic book fan since 1960 when he noticed the skin-tight costumes on The Flash and Green Lantern and how they always seemed to ditch their girlfriends to run off together. He also noticed that Batman and Robin seemed to be spending too much time together, if you know what I mean. In 1989 he became involved in amateur press associations and currently acts as coordinator for "The APA That Dares Now Speak Its Name", founded by Andy Mangels, and also "Northstar" APA, founded by Jericho Wilson.

Mike has created a universe of LGBT characters of his own with the intention of eventual self-publishing but for now has turned his attention to filmmaking where he intends to make films about the LGBT experience.

Currently he is working on a documentary film about LGBT comic book fandom tentatively called "Secret Identities" which will include fans, creators, character images, animation, and anyone supportive of LGBT characters and their creators. Please contact him if you would like to be included in interviews for this project.


[Source: ATDNSIN-NORTHSTAR, Added: 12/18/02]
ATDNSIN (The APA That Dares Now Speak Its Name) and NORTHSTAR are amateur press associations both founded in 1989 and recently merged. This yahoogroup is for its members. The main focus is on sharing...

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