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Jay Laird

Websites: Jay's Web Site, Metaversal Studios

Bio: Jay writes the weekly webcomic "Sheepocalypse" for PopImage. He is also the lead writer on "Wings of Justice", the print comic book and videogame coming in 2007 from Metaversal Studios (preview online now!)

Past print work includes writing for Star Wars Tales (Dark Horse Comics), and work with Tim Fish (Poison Press) on various "Ten Minute Cartoons" projects, including lending a hand on early "Cavalcade of Boys" and "Young Bottoms in Love"

Jay's writing has also been seen on the big screen (briefly, before it went straight to video) in the form of Roger Corman's The Strangler's Wife (Cityscape Productions, 2001)... but don't hold that against him.

When Jay isn't writing comics or screenplays, he creates board, card and online games. Jay is currently "on a break" from drawing and painting comics, as he's fallen in with a group of amazingly talented comics artists at his own company, Metaversal Studios.


[Source: Edge Los Angeles, Added: 8/23/08]
Jeff Krell updates Jayson for the new millennium with an all new, all fun story. (Review by Jay Laird.)

[Source: After Elton, Added: 4/24/07]
"My Gay Romance" is just a jumping-off point for a thematically rich collection that extends beyond romance into multiple comic genres and explores a variety of perspectives on gay life and love with...

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