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Bevis Musson

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Bio: Bevis Musson is an example of how if you want to make comics then you shouldn't let anything get in your way. Although most of his work has been printed as regular comics the internet has enabled him to get his work seen by more people than would be possible if he were just to follow the self publishing route.

Bevis is the creator, writer, artist and letterer of The Queen of Diamonds, a slightly unconventional superhero comic about an unashamedly gay hero defending his city and trying to have some kind of life at the same time.

Bevis provided the art for the Juvenile Avengers in Civil Wardrobe, written by Rich Johnston for Brain Scan Comics. Bevis would like to apologise for the caricature of Allan Heinberg as Tony Stark.

Bevis is also the creator of The Dead Queen Detectives, the thrilling adventures of four dead Queens living in Hove and solving mysteries just too complicated for anyone other than deceased Heads of State.

Bevis has also done various work for Just 1 Page, Smut Peddler and Cyberosia and is currently working on a number of projects with Tony Lee, for his sins.

For enquiries about commissions please contact Bevis by e-mail.

Bevis lives in Manchester, UK, with his husband and son and their ever growing family of cats.

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