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Henry Kujawa

Websites: Professor H's Wayback Machine, Professor H's Forbidden Zone, Professor H's Zodiac Comics, Kirby_Land

Bio: Henry R. Kujawa has been a comic-book fan since 1963 when his parents first bought him a copy of Black Fury while riding the Chesapeake Bay Ferry Boat. He began creating his own comics shortly after and first discovered superheroes in January 1966 thanks to the Adam West Batman TV show.

His first published book was 2230, a one-shot MAD Magazine-like parody of Battlestar Galactica, released in 1984— and currently being posted at the Zodiac Comics website! Henry has been a member of KLORDNY, a "Legion Of Super-Heroes" Amateur Press Alliance, since 1991. His comic book obsessions are surpassed only by his mania for 60s rock & roll music, and since 1995 has discovered literally hundreds of "bar bands" who share his obsession and whose talents far outstrip anything the "general public" knows only from radio or MTV. He has written, to date, 359 reviews for Henry resides in the burnt-out remains of what used to be Camden, New Jersey. He recently spent 2 years as a Sales Assistant at Camden's historic Harleigh Cemetary (resting place of Walt Whitman) and has submitted cartoons to PLAYBOY.

Stormboy #1: Steal Your Heart Away is currently available in 6 countries plus the Internet, in part thanks to Bookazine (supplying stores in Germany, The Netherlands, London & Switzerland) and Alamo Square Distributors (mainly the west coast). Henry is currently hard at work on Stormboy #2, which will be a complex espionage-mystery. The new book will also include a 12-page back-up story starring JAY, the hero's rock-singer boyfriend, and other features!

Henry has also worked with comics legend Nick Cuti on 2 projects: a new Moonie (Moonchild The Starbabe) comic, and Grub, a sci-fi movie! After a long, long delay, and Nick's subsequent loss of interest, Henry has posted the entire MOONIE comic at his Forbidden Zone blog so fans can read it FOR FREE. (It was just too good to go unpublished.)

Henry has recently begun doing commission work; character sketches, company logos, political cartoons, comic-book covers; anything you like, get in touch!


Stormboy #1: Steal Your Heart Away


[Queer Eye on Comics, Posted 11/8/09]
Stan’s Soapbox Hey True Believers! It’s David “Stan”-ley here, you ever lovin’ Editor-In-Chief of “Queer Eye on Comics” with the first Spectacular LGBT Comics Holiday Gift-Giving Guide ever to come out of Prism's House of Ideas with only the latest and greatest recommendations from Yours Truly! What, you say? You have it all and besides, only Irving Forbush shops this early? Bah-Humbug! In the past year, we’ve been clobbered with lotsa new product you haveta get! Roberto…

[Color Commentary, Posted 11/13/08]
After a considerably long wait, Queerbait #2 made its debut at San Diego Comic Con 2008. Originally published by Heroscribe Comics, Queerbait is now hitting the stands thanks to William “Lynx Delirium” Tyler and Carabosse Comics. For those who may have missed the first issue, Queerbait is an LGBT-related anthology comic that allows various creators to showcase stories geared specifically towards the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered community. Queerbait

[Color Commentary, Posted 2/16/07]
Any comic that is quirky enough to put a suspiciously phallic-looking monster on the cover (and a square-jawed hero commanding his troops to “Strip for action, men!”) is a winner in my book. While the cover might be a lot for your mom (or not), nothing else in Tony Smith’s QUEERBAIT #1 is quite as risqué, resulting in a rewarding and fun read. Anyone, straight or gay, could enjoy all of the 12 great stories inside. Smith himself deserves a lot of recognition for not only…

[News, Posted 12/14/06]
They're here! They're Queer! And, their stories are not what you'd expect! Queerbait, a 52-page full color collection of stories by comics' next generation of LGBT and LGBT-friendly creators will be available for sale later this month at In the meantime though, you can order the downloadable PDF version (at less than 1/2 cover price!) at to hold you over until the print version comes out. In Queerbait, Heroscribe Comics! is proud to present a…

[Spectrum, Posted 4/15/06]
John Blackburn, creator of the bisexual superman/voodoo love-god Coley Cochran, passed away suddenly on Friday, April 7, following a brief illness. Blackburn's writing style was reminiscent of Don McGregor with his use of in-depth characterization, while his unique art style brought to mind that of original Wonder Woman artist, Harry G. Peter. Coley appeared in 3 self-published books, a number of mini-series and a graphic novel from Eros Comix, and a separate series of short stories in Leyland…


[Source:, Added: 8/11/03]
Stormboy, Zodiac Comics' full color X-rated superhero comic, is now available in Germany, the Netherlands, London, and Switzerland, thanks to Ron Hanby of Bookazine Inc...

[Source: OutUK, Added: 7/29/03]
If you've had the chance to see the American Queer As Folk, you'll know that Michael and Justin have created their own comic superhero who's gay . And now there's one in reality, reports OutUK's...

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