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Steve Whitmire

Website: The home of 52 TIMIL DEEPS!

Bio: A graduate of computer animation and design, Steve works as a graphic and web designer while working on many personal projects on the side. With interests in art ranging from oil painting and sculpture to animation, he decided to narrow his field and focus on being a comic strip creator in 2002, when he began 52 TIMIL DEEPS, a comic strip about life: gay & straight, black & white, happy & sad, and everything in between. It is a tale set in a world very different, sometimes even the opposite of the world we know.

Steve also focuses his time on other comic book projects, such as working as a colorist on Krystal and Haley from Femme Fatale Studios.

This year, Steve is looking at the bigger picture, and focusing his sights on the realm of animation - and hopes to begin production later this year (so any animators/voice talent/editors, etc. out there... drop him an email for specifics).

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