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Chaos McKenzie


Bio: - creator, writer, producer -

I realize one's bio is meant to be an ego-tastic affair of self-pomp, but frankly I've grown tired of writing them. They always seem outdated five seconds after you believe to have composed the perfect one. And here within the solace of my people, as it were, I feel there should be some reprieve from the maniacal self-promotion.

So then, general strokes:

I worked in television when I was younger, I liked to brag that I was one of the youngest television producers in Canada, but I never checked, and don't think anyone cares either way, anyhow. I worked at MuchMusic, ChumCity, Bravo!, and then Alliance Atlantis, while downtown time was spent returning to words. In television I discovered that reality is a far more unruly beast, than any fiction I may under take.

I have written articles for many magazines that no longer exist, or if they do they have fallen so far off the radar that I have no clue where they live anymore, these include Neksis Magazine, hive Magazine, and a zine that I can't remember the name of but had quiet a buzz at the time. I've also done a series of comic book reviews for Ain' via Grey Haven Magazine, and frankly it's a horrible task reviewing comic books, seriously hindering one's love of the medium. I did a stint writing for the Naked News that really has no interesting story attached to it, except they were remarkably narrow on their POV, for naked people reading the news. I have done the majority of my professional work with Xtra! Magazine, Canada's best queer magazine, and a brief appearance in another gay focused magazine called FAB. With Xtra! I've had the chance to interview some of my favorite people in the world, including: actor John Barrowman, and writer Francesca Lia Block.

I have not yet had any gigs with major magazines. I have discovered that nepotism is a very complicated social structure, and when you leave television the rules change with the abruptness of a fractal gone wild. I have sold a large number of pieces that have not seen print, including two scripts to the European publisher Humanoids for their Metal Hurlant anthology, which is perhaps, my proudest achievement of work that will never see the light of day.

I've done work with some various studios, helping to develop comics, cartoons, role playing games, and toys. I'm a bit of an idea man, so I get roped into that kind of stuff a lot.

I recently had my first National newspaper clipping - with a small piece focusing on my time in Africa. I'm currently working on a number of pieces from that time, and will be returning to the dark continent for some more soon. Trying to break into the travel writing world has all of the same hurdles and challenges, but I like the view there much more.

I have been spending a lot of time working on a novel, which has been difficult but freeing, while slowly getting back into more frequent magazine work. I hope to have some serious developments at some point before the dawn of my middle age. So, knock on wood and all that.

The art sampled here are from various projects I've developed, and some pages from a series of mini-books I produced on my own with some artist met here on the inter-web. If any artist happens to stumble upon my profile here, or really creators of any type, and you like what I do and might want to do something together, by all means - hit me up!

And overall this has been rather cathartic. Thanks for listening.


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