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Diana Green


Bio: Diana Green is a 54-year-old post-op transsexual and has a number of firsts to her credit. She is the first transsexual woman (possibly the first transsexual at all) to earn a BFA in Comic Book Illustration. She created the first dramatic/ humorous transsexual funny animal comic strip for the gay press, Tranny Towers, which ran for about a year and a half in Minneapolis' bimonthly Lavender magazine; she is the first transsexual woman to self-publish a comic book, Ink Tantrums 1. Her other principal comic, Speedy Ricuverri (pronounced "recovery") and His All-girl Orchestra, nearly sold out its print run.

Many of these are firsts largely because it didn't occur to anyone else to bother. Despite this, she remains proud.

She also interned briefly with Reed Waller. Her splotches and unevenly cut zipatone may be seen in Omaha, the Cat Dancer 13 and 14, and the opening story in The Collected Omaha Vol. 4. The accompnaying photo of Diana And Reed was taken at Minneapolis Spring Comic Con 2005.

During her MCAD education, she studied under Peter Gross, Gordon Purcell, Dan Jurgens, Zander Cannon, and Gene Ha!

At the request of Gene Ha!, she also served as the model for the superheroine mom Irma Geddon in the DC/ABC series Top Ten. This drawing of her and Irma was done by Gene a couple years ago.

She is hard at work on a graphic novel version of one of the Tranny Towers stories. The new title is TransScending. Chapter one, crawling along at a Sisyphean pace, is in process, and some pages have been posted here.

Her film script, Private Myths, about lesbians, immortality and relationship abuse, is completed and awaiting production, though it may turn into a graphic novel.

Her progressive rock reviews appeared in Progression Magazine from Spring 2004 to Spring 2007. During that time, she also wrote articles on the experimental music of Karda Estra and her favorite band, Gentle Giant. Diana has recently completed her Master's degree at Hamline University. She is also developing CD cover art for new clients and trying depserately to get a semblance of order in her studio.

Diana teaches drawing, graphic design, storyboarding, digital photography, graphic novel. and comic book history courses at Technical and art colleges in Minneapolis.

She is available for commission and storyboard work.


The Collected Omaha Vol. 4
Top Ten


[News, Posted 7/8/05]
Atlanta, GA -- With Comic-Con International: San Diego only days away, Prism Comics announced more details about its outreach efforts for North America's largest popular entertainment convention. The nonprofit organization, which advocates for greater inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT) characters and creators in the comic book industry, will be located in Booth #5560. "To help everyone get a headstart in planning their Comic-Con itinerary, we've posted The Gay

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