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Prism Comics logoThursday, August 27th, 2015.
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Neil Johnston


Bio: The creator and artist of the mid-nineties comic book series Go-Go Boy, Neil is now in the process of preparing for the relaunch of the book, which will be independently published. Having spent several of the intervening years in animation, Neil has since moved on to become a web architect for some of the little ma and pa companies in the United States, you know... those nice Warner Brothers.

After a few years of selling his soul to the "man" (and possibly several power women), Neil is enjoying a state of semi-retirement which is allowing him to re-focus on the relaunch of the series as well as Go-Go Boy: The Movie, which is scheduled to begin filming this summer. His relaxed schedule also gives him more quality time with his motorcycle.

Neil is currently searching for artists to assist with the upcoming re-launch. If you're interested, pleace contact him via email.

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