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Prism Comics logoSaturday, October 3rd, 2015.
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Michael Goodman

Websites: The Ciderview Project, ComicsUtopia

Bio: In March of 2003, Michael launched, his continuing online graphic novel series. In July of 2003, The Ciderview Project debuted in print. In August of 2003, Michael and Charles "Zan" Christensen launched, a database of comics by creators who need help getting their work in the hands and minds of the thousands of potential readers, readers who are hungry for new comics and new ideas.

The Ciderview Project, a story of life, death, loss and love is available for order at

A Florida native, Michael currently resides in Wakayama, Japan.


[Color Commentary, Posted 8/15/03]
In The Ciderview Project, Michael Goodman's stark and challenging comics debut, his characters all seem to be suffering from varying degrees of one mental affliction or another, and the omnipresent grey of the inkwash artwork helps to bind them all together in one shared hallucination. The series is more about overall mood than the individual stories, though some are engaging. His cast is numerous and packed with interesting characters, introduced all at once and sometimes hard to keep…

[News, Posted 7/25/03]
All Photos by Ken Shelley. For more photos from the Con, click here. This past weekend, Prism Comics made its first public appearance as an incorporated not-for-profit organization at Comic-Con International: San Diego and made quite a splash. The new lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) comics advocacy group unveiled a stunning booth, gave away lots of prizes, added hundreds of names to its mailing list, provided thousands of rainbow stickers, sold thousands of dollars…

[News, Posted 7/25/03]
Comic-Con 2003 in San Diego has come and gone yet again. Relive some of the memories with our Comic-Con 2003 Photo Parade. Click an image to open a larger version in a new window. Unless otherwise specified, all photos taken by Charles "zan" Christensen. Kevin Kiniry and Anton Kawasaki of DC Comics check out Prism Comics 2003: Your LGBT Guide to Comics. Three mutants display Prism Comics buttons. Michael Goodman of The Ciderview Project stopping by the Prism Comics…

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