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Will Morgan

Bio: Under his 'maiden name' of Howard Stangroom, Will's first professional comics writing appeared in Scary Tales 37, during the dying days of Charlton Comics. Since then, his work has appeared in many titles, almost all of which have ceased publication (whoops). His credits include stories in such varied titles as Prime Cuts, Gay Comics, Meatmen, Buddies, Meanwhile..., Avalon, Boy Crazy Boy, Masters of the Universe, She-Ra Princess of Power, Heartbreak Hotel, Sideshow Comics, Joy of S*x, My Little Pony, and Donna Barr's The Ersatz Peach. He also writes news and reviews for both the comics and gay press in the USA and his native UK, and can frequently be found behind the counter at 30th Century Comics in beautiful suburban London.

Under his former name, he wrote dozens of articles about "Ensign Cannonfodder" and "Yeoman Tricorderchick" for the Star Trek Fact Files, a loose-leaf encyclopedia that built up, week by week, into a heap of discarded paper because people forgot to buy the binders! After an unprecedented seven-year run, the Star Trek Fact Files ceased publication, purely because the team had already written about everything!

His most recent projects are (as Howard) around 10% of the authorship of the revised Slings & Arrows Comics Guide, a critical overview of more than 5,000 comics series, published this summer, and (as Will) Comics Focus, a magazine of comics criticism and analysis arising from the ashes of the former Comics Forum, launching this autumn.


Prime Cuts
Slings & Arrows Comics Guide - 2nd Edition
Slings & Arrows Comics Guide
The Ersatz Peach

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