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Doug Giffin

Website: Psychoengine

Bio: Doug Giffin is the creator of "Harlow's End," published in Digital Webbing Presents #3, with art by former X-Force artist Anthony Castrillo. The story of a teenage street hustler, "Harlow's End" is set in an alternate future where voodoo is as powerful as technology.

"The High Seas and the Low Boats," Giffin's latest comic story, appeared in Digital Webbing Presents #8 and #9. An all-ages adventure tale, the comic version of "High Seas" is a "lost" chapter in the novel Giffin is writing.

Giffin was invited to submit ideas for Marvel's Epic line, but we all know how that debacle turned out!

Giffin's other accomplishments include pitching for the Star Trek: Deep Space nine television series and having an article accepted by the Star Trek Communicator. He's written a weekly column, "Write Club," for Digital Webbing, and served as the Press Editor for Digital Webbing Press's comic publications.

A two-time cancer survivor, Giffin is infatuated with all things British. (Consider that fair warning if you have an accent!) He's also one of the world's top Star Wars autograph collectors.

Giffin lives in Milwaukee with his longtime boyfriend Michail (who was once drawn into an issue of Animal Man by the talented Steve Pugh).


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