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Matt Fagan

Websites: Meniscus Enterprises, Love Comics,,

Bio: Hi, my name is Matt, and I have just published my first book!

I have written, drawn and printed the zine Meniscus since 1998, a grab-bag of literary whimsy governed by the motto a publication dedicated to upholding the rights of the ugly - but not the stupid. The zine has always been peppered with artwork and comics, but in the past few years Meniscus has evolved into more of a personal, factual publication that could not be bothered to hold all of the comics. So, under the umbrella of Meniscus Enterprises, I have produced a number of mini-comics such as Little Grandpa, Torch Song and I Had to Get a Stupid Root Canal. The largest undertaking though, until recently, was the 60-page horror-comedy Domestic Partner of Frankenstein, which received some good notices despite its obvious shortcomings.

I also illustrate the review zine Xerography Debt, edited by Davida Gypsy Breier, and recently completed a series of illustrated conversations for a book edited by Benn Ray of Atomic Books in Baltimore. That book, entitled I Keee You!, is available from Atomic Books and is well worth a look. It's hilarious!

If you happen to be a fan of America's national pastime and live in the Milwaukee area, you might have seen my work on several pages of the fourth issue of B-Force, a public-service comic published by Marvel in which the Milwaukee Brewers battle the evils of chewing tobacco. That's right, it's real.

Currently, I am working on a series of comics entitled Love. The serial is about two disenfranchised young gay men (Jack and Pokie) struggling to maintain their foothold in a world that does not seem to have a place for them—not because they're gay, but because they're smart and self-aware. In the end, it is only their boundless love and patience for each other that keeps them sane. This series has since eclipsed Domestic Partner of Frankenstein in both scope and volume, originally being collected into four self-published issues.

Recently a small company called Zero Cabinet Publishing picked up the series and collected them into an awesome new book called Love Omnibus Volume One, which is available from their website! You can't find it in stores yet (the book was only published last month!) but that will come soon enough.

You can also find my writing in Thought Magazine, Little Engines, and McSweeney's.


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