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Prism Comics logoTuesday, October 13th, 2015.
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Marc Levine


Bio: I've been doing community projects since I was a teenager. I organized a group that ran free classes for kids from middle & low-income backgrounds, did commercial revitalization work, and much more. I've worked on a wide range of volunteer projects, from an Earth Day event attended by 2,000,000 people at Central Park in 1990, to involvement with the Native American community in the northwest. I recently organized a Gay-Straight Alliance in the NYC Courts and hope to see many legal changes. I did some acting, and would have had the lead role in Fame if I could have said I was gay at age 16 (boy, if Alan Parker could see me now!). I've been writing since the age of 8, and it helped me cope. My interests include spirituality, politics, the origins of religion (and the bullshit people hide from), psychology, sciences, and people tell me I'm extraordinarily NOT full of shit.

I am a protege of J.M. DeMatteis (a wonderful human being!), and I co-wrote a Black Crow story with him based on my plot. This was for a Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #13 ("In Your Eyes"). I've been busy since then, immersing myself in community service, and then with finally coming out. Now I've begun to get back into comic books, and am pitching several stories. I want my stories, like my life, to make a real difference. I get very political, and I like to confront gay issues as well as a wide and eclectic range of topics.

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