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Rondall Carson

Website: Becoming Blizzard

Bio: You could say what you're about to experience is one of those true, once-in-a-lifetime artistic discoveries. The artwork creations of Rondall Carson are deeply meaningful, humorous, and completely original in concept and design. His work comes from the soul and the characters you are about to meet, are the illustrated embodiment of who he is as a person, and an artist.

So who is Rondall Carson, you ask? And where and when did his artwork become important and how? Rondall has always enjoyed drawing. In high school, he took the required art class, and found that he had natural and focused talent for drawing. It was Rondall's high school art teacher that gave him the encouragement and idea to draw comic strips. Already a fan of Dik Brown's Hagar the Horrible and Jim Davis' Garfield, Rondall loved the idea and began creating his own characters.

However, it wasn't until he was in college that Rondall developed the bear characters; Blizzard, Rufus, BC and Jim. This group of four fun loving furry bears would form the basis of a life-long passion and the creation of an animated comic strip. During college, Rondall struggled with confronting his sexual identity. Being attracted to bigger, hairy men, he thought that he didn't fit the "gay" ideal. Gay men were never hairy, never big, and never straight acting. Then later in life after coming out, a friend told him about the gay sub-culture known as "bears." And in that moment he felt that he and his beloved animated bear characters had come home.

That's where I enter the picture. My name is Michael West and I met Rondall through two wonderful friends, Matthew & Dean, and I knew I had met someone special. Someone with his kind of warm glow was bound to change my life. We decided to meet and hang out after speaking on the phone. During our discussion we learned that we both enjoyed the arts, me being a singer/songwriter/graphic artist and him being an experienced artist in numerous genres.

We met for lunch and he shared his art portfolio from college and I was blown away! His artwork was of a quality that I had not seen locally or nationally outside a professional animation studio. My first comment was, "Why aren't you working for Disney or some other huge studio?" He said "Because I want to draw my own art and my own characters, not somebody else's."

I asked him if he had ever made it into the mainstream with his work, and then he told me all about the pitfalls and difficulty that surround trying to do just that. "What about the community, the gay bear community?" I said "The bear community will fall in love them, as I already have, we must introduce them to everyone." So, we decided to combine our talents, and bring his incredible bear characters to the world through a newly formed company called BTB MultiMedia Inc.

Originally, Rondall's concept for the characters in the series was a "Bear" pop/rock band (think Josie and the Pussycats). Now, thematically, we will deal with the social and interpersonal issues Blizzard encounters while dealing with his sexual identity. Again this all done with animated bears so the stories will be light hearted & very funny, with many clever pop culture injections. Think, Will and Grace meets The Wonderful World of Disney or "The Sci-fi Channel" meets "the Gay Bear culture."

The pop/rock band from the original concept will still be part of the story line, as well as the inclusion of some incredible supporting characters: the bands "regular Joe" manager, Charlie; Amadeus the gay vampire bear; and a bear character based on the devil named, LuciBear.

So get ready for the debut of a whole lot of furry fun! We have some great things planned! Check out our Current Projects in Development for 2004:

    • Becoming Blizzard
    • Comic series collection paperback - release 2005
    • Online Comic Strip Series
    • Animated online feature
    • Tie-in clothing, poster prints and other novelty products
    • The Bears in the Band (Blizzard, Rufus, BC & Jim), Side story from the Becoming Blizzard series
    • The Bears - Four Song Maxi CD w/ original music written and performed by gay bear artist
    • Tie-in clothing, poster prints and other novelty products

Future Projects in Development - 2005-2007:

    • Little Olivia Going Shopping w/ My Dad's - (Children's Book for Gay fathers & their children)
    • The Woof Magnet - Novelty refrigerator "dress up" magnet
    • Bjorn the Bear - Fully animated film feature
    • Mel the Reality Fairy - Comic strip series

To learn all about this exciting new addition to our community and to meet those lovable bears visit our website.

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