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Nathan Aaron


Bio: Nathan Aaron is an artist who enjoys taking inspiration from the introspective side of life.

He attended the Joe Kubert School of Cartooning and Graphic Art from 1989-92. Moving to Florida, Nathan created Stigma, an editorial cartoon he wrote and illustrated for two years which won the 1994 Florida Press Association Better Weekly Editorial Award. He also has had the distinguished pleasure of working with New York dance/house musicians Vanessa Daou and Joi Cardwell, designing previous incarnations of their websites as well as an online comic strip based on Vanessa Daou's CD, Plutonium Glow.

After a long stint in graphic design, he has decided to come full circle and immerse himself back into comic book illustration. Nathan is currently working on his independent graphic novel. He also continues to work on his own exhibitions and commissioned works, using a mixture of illustration and watercolor.

Nathan currently lives in North Carolina with his two rambunctious cats.


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